Changes Coming to This Blog, my Instagram, and my Twitter

An update post? I haven’t done one of those in FOREVER. Hi, how are you? I’m pretty good so far but we’ll see where this semester takes me.

Speaking of the semester! You may notice a small change to my blog… I added an About section! 😱 I know, a shock. But I’m taking this class at The New School called Personas, and our first assignment was to create a landing page. Therefore this About page actually will be what loads first on my blog for the time being. (Hopefully if I can figure it out) What else does this mean? New content that is actually school work in disguise! Neat!

You’ll still be getting the same review content from me with some added bonuses. Memes? Probably. Interviews? We’ll see. Gifs that aren’t the people I have celeb-crushes on? Unlikely!

Also I would like to give a big hello there to my professor who I’m very certain is reading this!

I kid I kid. So, now I’m off to seeing how I can make my About section the main component of this blog. Wish me luck? And keep an eye out for new and exciting content!

If you’re so inclined, definitely check out my About section for some cool content. As of the writing of this post it is still being tweaked, but is due Thursday so it will be pretty finished by then or else.

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