Product Review: Knightmares Daydreams

I am a rep for Beth, my code is DREAM10 and is active until the end of July. All thoughts are my own!


I’ve followed Beth for a while and finally bought from her before her last rep search. I bought a few bookmarks that arrived nicely packaged and arrived quickly even though they came from Canada! Pictured above is one of the bookmarks I paid for with my own money. I also got a few of her magnetic bookmarks in my rep package from her.

This is her Audrey II magnetic bookmark, it’s currently in my copy of Sawkill Girls and is holding my place really well! The magnet is stellar! And the bookmark is BIG, colors vibrant, and great quality.

Overall I highly recommend her shop and you can find her here on Instagram and here on Etsy


Product Review: Books Tabs and Wicks

I am an Influencer for Domonique but all thoughts are my own. I bought all of the candles I have from her shop with my own money.

Domonique, aka Books Tabs & Wicks, is such a wonderful person! My Influencer DREAM15 is active until the end of June.

I have a few of her candles and they are truly awesome. Strong scent profile but it’s not overwhelming, she also used glitter on a few of her candles.

Domonique packages them extremely well and has also included stickers from time to time. On her cards she also gives a discount for your next purchase!

Overall I love her candles and she also does bookmarks which are super cool!

She did recently have a jar change so they are more rounded jars like you would get from other candle companies.

Overall I give her and her candles 5/5 ⭐️

~Me loving on these candles~

Feature Friday: Belle’s Booksleeve

I am an Influencer for Belle and you can use my code DREAM12 to save πŸ’œ Doing so will get me points towards getting a rep sleeve! I did pay for this sleeve shown here myself to do this review. Regardless, all thoughts are my own!

Belle’s Booksleeves is a newer sleeve business who has these plush, unique sleeves! Home of the OG fur sleeves πŸ˜‰

Belle is a sweetie and her sleeves are good quality! They’re very squishy which I personally love! They’re great for protecting your books, of course, and I also use mine as a stress relief LOL

Check her out and see what she has in stock πŸ’œ

Feature Friday: Enchanted Bookmarks!

To be transparent: I am a rep for Stephanie from March until May. My rep code is DREAM10. Even though I am a rep all thoughts are my own and I would never rep for a company I didn’t already love or believe in.

Welcome to Feature Friday! This may be a sporadic thing here on my blog as the last time I did this sort of thing was a few months ago πŸ˜… But I figured why not bring it back? Starting with Enchanted Bookmarks!

She has really cute designs from quotes to characters! She does bookmarks, magnetic bookmarks, and stickers. Also, you can have the choice of having the bookmark laminated, for an extra price, which I really like!

Here is one of her bookmarks in action!

I also have her Stranger Things kids stickers which are SO CUTE! And it’s printed on really nice sticker paper which is great.

What I really love about her shop is that every month she has a free bookmark that will be sent with orders. I have her Happy Halloween one from October which is super cute.

Overall I really love her shop. She has the best quotes! I am slowly growing a collection of her bookmarks which is so great! Check her out ✨

Review Friday: Rep Package from Tiny Spark Co!

It’s review time for these candles from The Tiny Spark Co! To be transparent: since the last time I posted about them I have joined their rep team. My rep term is from September until March! You can use my code DREAM15 for 15% off your purchase.

With that being said, this is an honest review. I am and continue to be completely honest with all of my reviews even if I’m sent the product/book to review or promote.

I also wouldn’t rep for a shop that I didn’t absolutely love πŸ˜‰

With that being said!! The first candle, Lucien, smells of Oranges, Cinnamon, and Sandalwood! He honestly smells so amazing, kind of like fall without the traditional fall scents. And the color is a really pretty orange!! The label is gorgeous too with bright fall colors.

The second candle, Sailor Neptune, smells of Sea Salt, Orchid, and Lavender. She smells… Just so good. Very fresh and florally with beach notes! The label is also gorgeous.

The final candle was a surprise custom they did for me! It’s a 707 candle 😍 707 is a character from the mobile game Mystic Messenger, he is one of my favorites! So much so that I actually cosplayed him! This candle smells EXACTLY like Dr Pepper which is amazing 😱 I love this candle and highly recommend getting a custom from them. πŸ’œ His label is even the circles that are on his signature jacket which is cool. Picture below of me cosplaying him lol

Review Friday: The Tiny Spark Company

I ordered these two candles from The Tiny Spark Co a while back and wanted to write up this post reviewing them!

First off I’ve been following this company for a while and have now placed two orders with them. This was my first order for their Hades and Persephone candles!

The labels for these candles are really stunning and capture the essence of this timeless OTP!

I was really excited when they released the Persephone candle and doubly had to have it when they released Hades.

Persephone’s candle smells like Pomegranates and Wine: this scent is really feminine and nostalgic! I can’t put my finger on it but it reminds me of something.

Hade’s candle smells like Apples, Amber, and Fire: THIS SCENT!!!! Is one of my absolute faves! It smells masculine but fruity, definitely like sitting by a campfire eating apple pie. I love it! It’s truly amazing.

Overall I highly recommend this shop and their candles! Since receiving these candles I’ve bought 3 more candles from them! Once those come I’ll review them also πŸ˜‰

Until Next Time!

Custom Candle Review: Novel Heartbeat Creations

I ordered a custom candle from Novel Heartbeat Creations!

I really love Stranger Things and kind of fell in love with bad boy Billy Hargrove played by Dacre Montgomery! Since I’ve been on a huge candle kick I decided to ask some of my fellow Stranger Things lovers which candle shops 1. Did customs and 2. Also liked Stranger Things!

I had gotten two responses with shops and decided to look into how to go about requesting a custom candle from each shop.

Why I decided to go with Novel Heartbeat Creations is because how you place an order for a custom was so simple! She has a special listing on her website with detailed instructions, scents she has, etc. All you have to do is build the candle yourself!

The candle arrived pretty quickly after I placed my order and how she shipped it was excellent. It was nicely packaged!

Onto what I had asked:

I wanted his name (the title of the candle) to be in script, the color to be purple, and I chose Leather, Sandalwood, and Vanilla Musk for the scent profile. The candle is absolutely beautiful and smells amazing! It has a sweet note to it but also is very manly. If you’re familiar with the Scentsy scent Quiver it smells a lot like that which is great because that’s my absolute favorite Scentsy scent πŸ˜‰

The candle looks amazing on my bookshelf next to my Billy funko pop!

Thank you so much Novel Heartbeat Creations for making me this gorgeous custom candle! πŸ’œ

You can find her shop here

I based my color choice on this fanart:

Fanart by Pain-Art on Tumblr

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