Changes Coming to This Blog, my Instagram, and my Twitter

An update post? I haven't done one of those in FOREVER. Hi, how are you? I'm pretty good so far but we'll see where this semester takes me. Speaking of the semester! You may notice a small change to my blog... I added an About section! 😱 I know, a shock. But I'm taking this... Continue Reading →

Reader Struggles

Hey everyone! I haven't done a chatty post in a while so I figured I'd pop on and share some recent reader struggles. I haven't been able to really get into a book recently πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I loved The Belles (if you haven't read that review go do so πŸ˜‰) but everything else has been kind... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hey everyone, I'm interrupting this blog to say that I hope your Holiday season was nice! Happy 2019, here's to it being a better one for all of us even if it's just in a small way πŸ₯‚ I'm actually starting at a new college this month! I have all of my reviews mostly set... Continue Reading →

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