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Hey everyone! My name is Kris, that’s not my full name but we’ll go with it. I’m a Bookstagrammer, blogger (hence why we’re here), writer, and future published author.


Some examples of my Bookstagram work:



What am I currently working on?

Currently I’m working on a very witchy book set in New York. That’s it, that’s all I have right now. I’ll update this when I actually have a cool synopsis for it or flesh it out later.


Where can you find me?

You can also use my linktree link to find me other places







When do I post?

I post (or at least I try to) every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sometimes I post on other days, those are typically for blog tours though.

My email!

You may email me at abookishdream@gmail.com if you so please.

Note: I am currently not accepting ARCs for review unless: 

1. I seek them out myself

2. They appeal to me 

Extra Special Stuff for Personas, a class at The New School:

For more info on this section please check out my blog post


More things to come!

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