Product Review: Enchanted Extras

Please note that I am a rep for Bri, my code is BOOKISH15. Even though I am a rep all thoughts are my own, honest opinions.

You can find Enchanted Extras here & on Instagram

Overall I really love the choices in fabric that Bri has in her shop. They’re unique in that I haven’t seen them in other shops I know of before! The sleeves are well made and she even hides her seams which I know doesn’t seem like a big deal but she’s one of the only shops who does! They’re well constructed sleeves and come in a range of sizes. Her shop name is printed on all her sleeves in silver which I think is a cool touch. Normally I’ve seen other shops stitch their logo onto the sleeve, but I prefer this way.

Her shipping times are also pretty great, I got my Pennywise sleeve within a week of ordering. Her customer service is great and overall she’s such a sweetie. So please go check her out 💜

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