Slytherin Pride


I absolutely adore Harry Potter and since I was little I always knew I was a Slytherin. Because of how Slytherin’s were portrayed in the movies I never really wanted to come out and say ‘hey I’m a Slytherin’ when it happened to come up.

So I always said I didn’t know what house I belonged to. As I grew older and became more immersed in the fandom I figured ‘what the heck’ and let my Slytherin pride flag run high!

When I saw that the publisher was coming out with house editions of the first book for the 20th anniversary I knew I needed the Slytherin copies. Right now I only have the paperback copy but that’s good enough for now.

The moment I opened the package for this book I started crying. It was so emotional holding this in my hands!! I love it so much and cherish it. The cover is beautiful, the colored pages are stunning, and the raised details are absolutely amazing! Plus the extra content relating to Slytherin house is perfection!!

Items in the photo:

Draco Pop: $10

Fairy Lights: $1

Slytherin Book Sleeve: $16 (from Book Bubbie)

Slytherin Pin: $2

Chain-mail Bracelet: $15

Slytherin Tie: $15

Hagrid and Buckbeak sticker: $4

Skull: $3

Slytherin Edition of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone: $10


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