Review: Alchemists of Loom by Elise Kova

Thank you to Elise Kova and Book of Matches Media for this review copy of Alchemists of Loom! I will also be posting reviews for the other books in this series. The new rebranded covers are out now!!

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Genre:Gaslamp, Steampunk Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

The Dragon King holds Loom in his bloody claws, and one woman has vowed to be his demise.

Arianna lost everything she once loved when the Five Guilds of Loom fell to the Dragon King. Now, as one of the world’s most notorious thieves, she uses her unparalleled gift for merging magic and machine to take on any job that will thwart Loom’s tyrannical oppressors.

Cvareh would do anything to see his sister usurp the Dragon King. His family’s house has endured the shame of being the lowest rung of Dragon society for far too long. The Alchemist Guild on Loom might hold the key to their triumph, if Cvareh can get to them before the Dragon King’s assassins.

When Arianna stumbles upon a wounded Cvareh, she sees an opportunity to slaughter an enemy and make a profit off his corpse.

But Cvareh sees an opportunity to cut a deal with the one person the king’s assassins might fear. He offers her the one thing Arianna can’t refuse: A wish of her greatest desire, if she brings him to the Alchemists of Loom.

Joined by a trigger-happy gun mage, the trio will make their way across the steely, gear-crusted, and deadly landscape of Loom, in a story of a world divided, where magic clashes with machine, and the cost of power is blood.

The Alchemists of Loom is the first book in a dark fantasy trilogy set in a divided world of magic versus machine, gritty adventure, brutal and bloody sorcery, enemies to lovers, and deep friendships. It is perfect for epic fantasy readers looking for a unique and deep world.

My Review:

5/5 ⭐️

I obviously love Elise’s books and had at one point picked this up to read but got busy at the time. Now that I’ve picked this up again all I can think is “WOW”. The worldbuilding was fantastic, the characters great, that twist at the end I did not see coming. I can’t wait to get the next book into my hands to see what happens. Also yes I did read this book in ONE DAY. Wow, who am I? 😂


“Kova (the Air Awakens series) crafts a fascinating divided world” – Publishers Weekly

“…the world of Loom manages to be both dark and sparkling. Kova’s incredibly creative writing lets the details of her world bloom slowly around the story’s main players, unfolding gracefully alongside the plot…” – The San Francisco Book Review

“A heart-stopping adventure! Elise Kova reaches new heights with this fast-paced triumph of steampunk, fantasy, and a touch of romance. The Alchemists of Loom is a must-read!” – DANIELLE L. JENSEN, USA Today bestselling author of The Bridge Kingdom

“Prepare to have your mind blown. THE ALCHEMISTS OF LOOM is the perfect mashup of genres, with a killer heroine, fiery romance, and friendships that run as deep as blood.” – LINDSAY CUMMINGS, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Zenith and The Murder Complex

“Reading THE ALCHEMISTS OF LOOM was like curling up with a favorite fantasy classic. Yet what truly transported me was the brilliant twists and layers that make this story totally unique, totally fresh.” – SUSAN DENNARD, New York Times bestselling author of Truthwitch

“… fantasy-adventure that mixes elements of steampunk, fantasy, and romance into an enjoyable read.” – Booklist

“The Alchemists of Loom is bloody, epic, and brimming with violence. Elise Kova gives fantasy, and steampunk fans, two whole new worlds to delight over as new characters strike out in an adventure sure to leave readers reeling for more. The cast of characters takes readers into a darker realm where no one is pure, everyone has an agenda, and, sometimes, the best friends one can have can be formed between enemies” – RACHEL E. CARTER, bestselling author of The Black Mage

Trigger / Content warnings: Violence, murder, torture, gore, explicit scenes, sex, oppression/class systems

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