I’m on BookTok! And other updates

Helloooo! Long time, not a lot of personal updates!

I’ve been doing a lot more reviews on my Instagram account but I wanted to update here, say I’m going to be back with weekly reviews starting now (I have a few scheduled). And just… let you know I’m also on BookTok now!

So why BookTok? Well forever ago now (before TikTok became popular during the *waves at the world* you know) I had to download TikTok for a class (odd right? But we were studying social media) and I haven’t gotten rid of it. I watch a lot of content on there and recently made my own BookTok account to discuss books!

I plan on being active there too. So look forward to that!

This is also a smaller update that if you do ever need to refer to me, my pronouns are She/They. So please use She, Her, Hers OR They, Them, Theirs. Preferably They, Them, Theirs! Thank you ✌🏻

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