Product Review: Wax Melts from Get Fictional

I purchased these wax melts with my own money. I’m not a rep, just an overall fan of Get Fictionals aesthetic!

I bought 4 wax melts from Get Fictional Klaus Mikaelson, Little Crow, I Hope Your Pie is Freaking Worth It, and Want a Balloon. The labels on these are STUNNING first and foremost, really gorgeous. I especially like the art for Dean’s wax melt and Pennywise! I really love Mia’s scent because it is both feminine and dark like her. Though Klaus also had such a beautiful scent omg!

Like just look at this first off, the label for Klaus is perfect for him and it smells SO BEAUTIFUL I can’t even.

So first off I love the scent if clove and pomegranate separately! Together? Phenomenal omg. Like this is just perfect! Plus the label is perfect for Mia also 😉

Overall I’m very impressed with Get Fictional! You can find them on Instagram here.

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