Review: Kiss Number 8 by Colleen A. F. Venable and Illustrated by Ellen T. Crenshaw


Mads is pretty happy with her life. She goes to church with her family, and minor league baseball games with her dad. She goofs off with her best friend Cat, and has thus far managed to avoid getting kissed by Adam, the boy next door. It’s everything she hoped high school would be… until all of a sudden, it’s not.

Her dad is hiding something big―so big it could tear her family apart. And that’s just the beginning of her problems: Mads is starting to figure out that she doesn’t want to kiss Adam… because the only person she wants to kiss is Cat.

Kiss Number 8, a graphic novel from writer Colleen AF Venable and illustrator Ellen T. Crenshaw, is a layered, funny, sharp-edged story of teen sexuality and family secrets.

Before I jump into my review I wanted to post some trigger warnings for this book: Transphobia, Homophobia, Bullying, Domestic Abuse, Cheating, Heavy Religious Tones

My Review:

5/5 ⭐️

I really enjoyed this book, it was really cute. It does deal with some triggering subject matter but I enjoyed reading about it. Especially Sams story, I would have loved more of that or even a spinoff about his life. This does have both trans and bisexual rep — though Mads does not come out and say exactly what her sexuality is at the end of the book she is seen in a relationship with a female presenting person and the other people she has dated after coming out are mixed. This was a really quick read and I found it to be beautiful, please go pick this book up especially if you love diverse reads!

~Me after reading this book~

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