Review: Shatter the Sky by LC Ireland

I was sent this book by the author to feature and review. All thoughts are my own.


Edith was 13 years old when her father gambled her freedom away. Now it’s almost her seventeenth birthday and she will soon be forced to marry her abusive captor, whose past wives have a habit of dying young.

Vadahm’s youth came to an abrupt and horrible end when his mother tried to kill him. A half-breed fae rejected by his people, Vadahm struggles to find his place in the world.

He finds Edith instead.

Their futures are changed forever when Vadahm falls out of the sky and lands in the Bareil’s garden, bringing magic, hope, and a chance at love to Edith’s broken world.

But at a dangerous price…

My Review:

4/5 ⭐️

This was so good! The drawings were absolutely stunning. Such a short read too but it was very well done. If you like short fantasy reads definitely pick this one up! I thought it was so cute!!

~Me smiling at this really adorable book~

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