Feature Friday: Enchanted Bookmarks!

To be transparent: I am a rep for Stephanie from March until May. My rep code is DREAM10. Even though I am a rep all thoughts are my own and I would never rep for a company I didn’t already love or believe in.

Welcome to Feature Friday! This may be a sporadic thing here on my blog as the last time I did this sort of thing was a few months ago 😅 But I figured why not bring it back? Starting with Enchanted Bookmarks!

She has really cute designs from quotes to characters! She does bookmarks, magnetic bookmarks, and stickers. Also, you can have the choice of having the bookmark laminated, for an extra price, which I really like!

Here is one of her bookmarks in action!

I also have her Stranger Things kids stickers which are SO CUTE! And it’s printed on really nice sticker paper which is great.

What I really love about her shop is that every month she has a free bookmark that will be sent with orders. I have her Happy Halloween one from October which is super cute.

Overall I really love her shop. She has the best quotes! I am slowly growing a collection of her bookmarks which is so great! Check her out ✨

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