Review Friday: The Tiny Spark Company

I ordered these two candles from The Tiny Spark Co a while back and wanted to write up this post reviewing them!

First off I’ve been following this company for a while and have now placed two orders with them. This was my first order for their Hades and Persephone candles!

The labels for these candles are really stunning and capture the essence of this timeless OTP!

I was really excited when they released the Persephone candle and doubly had to have it when they released Hades.

Persephone’s candle smells like Pomegranates and Wine: this scent is really feminine and nostalgic! I can’t put my finger on it but it reminds me of something.

Hade’s candle smells like Apples, Amber, and Fire: THIS SCENT!!!! Is one of my absolute faves! It smells masculine but fruity, definitely like sitting by a campfire eating apple pie. I love it! It’s truly amazing.

Overall I highly recommend this shop and their candles! Since receiving these candles I’ve bought 3 more candles from them! Once those come I’ll review them also 😉

Until Next Time!

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