Bookstagram Background DIY

A few months back I had decided to make a custom background for my bookstagram! This was definitely a learning experience for me.


Foam poster board

Book pages


Fire (optional)

First I deconstructed an ARC that I didn’t particularly like. You can also look at books from places like your local dollar store, discarded library books, or beat up copies of your old books to use for this project.

I then went to my Dollar Store to get the foam poster board and tape.

I did originally start using glue for this project but found it bubbled, wrinkled, and just didn’t work. That’s why I switched to tape.

I layered the first part down on the board, making sure to overlap the pages so none of the board peeked through. Then I started laying out my distressed pages over that first layer!

This is where the fire came in! I burned as much of the pages as I wanted to get the desired distressed effect.

Once I switched over to tape it was so much easier to finish this project. I did do two boards so that I could take upright photos as well as floor photos.

Overall price:

All together this project cost be $4! I bought 2 boards for $1 each and 2 tape dispensers that also cost me $1 each.

It’s a fairly cheap and easy project to do!

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