Custom Candle Review: Novel Heartbeat Creations

I ordered a custom candle from Novel Heartbeat Creations!

I really love Stranger Things and kind of fell in love with bad boy Billy Hargrove played by Dacre Montgomery! Since I’ve been on a huge candle kick I decided to ask some of my fellow Stranger Things lovers which candle shops 1. Did customs and 2. Also liked Stranger Things!

I had gotten two responses with shops and decided to look into how to go about requesting a custom candle from each shop.

Why I decided to go with Novel Heartbeat Creations is because how you place an order for a custom was so simple! She has a special listing on her website with detailed instructions, scents she has, etc. All you have to do is build the candle yourself!

The candle arrived pretty quickly after I placed my order and how she shipped it was excellent. It was nicely packaged!

Onto what I had asked:

I wanted his name (the title of the candle) to be in script, the color to be purple, and I chose Leather, Sandalwood, and Vanilla Musk for the scent profile. The candle is absolutely beautiful and smells amazing! It has a sweet note to it but also is very manly. If you’re familiar with the Scentsy scent Quiver it smells a lot like that which is great because that’s my absolute favorite Scentsy scent šŸ˜‰

The candle looks amazing on my bookshelf next to my Billy funko pop!

Thank you so much Novel Heartbeat Creations for making me this gorgeous custom candle! šŸ’œ

You can find her shop here

I based my color choice on this fanart:

Fanart by Pain-Art on Tumblr

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