Custom Candle Review: Novel Heartbeat Creations

I ordered a custom candle from Novel Heartbeat Creations!

I really love Stranger Things and kind of fell in love with bad boy Billy Hargrove played by Dacre Montgomery! Since I’ve been on a huge candle kick I decided to ask some of my fellow Stranger Things lovers which candle shops 1. Did customs and 2. Also liked Stranger Things!

I had gotten two responses with shops and decided to look into how to go about requesting a custom candle from each shop.

Why I decided to go with Novel Heartbeat Creations is because how you place an order for a custom was so simple! She has a special listing on her website with detailed instructions, scents she has, etc. All you have to do is build the candle yourself!

The candle arrived pretty quickly after I placed my order and how she shipped it was excellent. It was nicely packaged!

Onto what I had asked:

I wanted his name (the title of the candle) to be in script, the color to be purple, and I chose Leather, Sandalwood, and Vanilla Musk for the scent profile. The candle is absolutely beautiful and smells amazing! It has a sweet note to it but also is very manly. If you’re familiar with the Scentsy scent Quiver it smells a lot like that which is great because that’s my absolute favorite Scentsy scent 😉

The candle looks amazing on my bookshelf next to my Billy funko pop!

Thank you so much Novel Heartbeat Creations for making me this gorgeous custom candle! 💜

You can find her shop here

I based my color choice on this fanart:

Fanart by Pain-Art on Tumblr

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